In Honor of Halloween: 10 Movies That Scare the Hell out of Men

In Honor of Halloween: 10 Movies That Scare the Hell out of Men

Movies like Friday the 13th and Halloween might give us the creeps, but there are other films that I believe scare men on a much deeper level. So here are 10 flicks that will scare the manhood right out of you.


miseryMISERY (1990)
Can anything be worse than being held captive by a suicidal psychopath? Can you imagine waking up and having Kathy Bates standing by your bed with a knife?




fatal-attraction-glen-closeFATAL ATTRACTION (1987)
Is there a guy alive who doesn’t think twice about cheating after seeing this film? Whenever I see a pot of boiling water, I call in a neighbor to make sure that there’s only pasta in it.




shiningTHE SHINING (1980)
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy……All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…All work and…




birdsTHE BIRDS (1963)
When you see a flock of cawing birds flying over you, tell me you don’t think about. Come on, you can be honest with me.



cape fearCAPE FEAR (1991)
You can just feel Nick Nolte’s sheer terror and helplessness when a bulked up, tattooed and very psychotic Robert DeNiro stalks his family.



cujoCUJO (1983)
How does Stephen King think of this stuff? A rabid St. Bernard who foams at the mouth? Even the movie poster is terrifying.




open waterOPEN WATER (2003)
Sure, Jaws was scary, but this flick was worse. Can you imagine being left in the middle of the ocean with just a life preserver, and suddenly a bunch of dorsal fins surround you?




deliveranceDELIVERANCE (1972)
From the opening credits to the very end, it’s one tension-filled moment after another. And to this day, when I see Ned Beatty, I can only think of one thing.




whatever happened to baby janeWHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? (1962)
In one scene, a demented Bette Davis serves a roasted rat to her wheelchair-bound sister, played by Joan Crawford. And that was one of the nicer things she did for her. Ironically, Crawford was a real life psycho which was depicted in Mommie Dearest (see below).




mommie dearestMOMMIE DEAREST (1981)
There isn’t much more that can tap into our primal fears than being at the mercy of an alcoholic, psychotic and abusive parent with no way to fight back. To this day, I have no wire hangers in my house—only wood.


As you probably noticed, I have an aversion to being at the mercy of deranged human beings and wildlife. But that’s just me. Which movies give you the shivers? Tell us below.

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