“Redskins” Nickname Must Go

“Redskins” Nickname Must Go

I’m not a politically correct kind of person, but I don’t know how anybody thinks that the name “Redskins” is not a vile slur.

If you think that the name is okay, maybe it’s because you never really thought about it. How would you feel if there was a team name that denigrated your race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, affliction, etc…?  Your perception might change if one day, ESPN told us that the “Skins” would now be playing in the same conference as the Boston Micks or the San Diego Dagos. And I’m sure team owner, Daniel Snyder, who is Jewish (and adamant about the fact that the Redskins name will never change), might have a change of heart if an NFL team were named the New York Kikes. I could go on but I think you get the point.

There is no group—bar none—that has been more disrespected and denied more dignity than Native Americans. How disrespected? They can’t even reap the fruits of our politically correct society. They just don’t have the political clout to force the name’s relegation to the historical trash bin where it belongs. 

And of course, the silver-spooned, thin-skinned NFL commissioner Roger Goodell recently made a stand in favor of keeping that hideous name, effectively paying homage not only to the name itself, but to the tradition of an NFL team that was the very last to integrate. It often takes courage to do the right thing. But Goodell, a mere puppet for the owners, took the cowards way out when he could have instead, been Branch Rickey’s reincarnation.

Shame on you, Roger. But shame on us—the football watching public, too, because we continue to watch the the NFL and patronize its sponsors at record rates. If we didn’t, that racist moniker would change faster than Derek Jeter changes girlfriends. There is simply no place in this society, least of all the nation’s capital, for a team named “Redskins.”

13 Responses to “Redskins” Nickname Must Go

  1. Mike Stefek says:

    Ok, I guess the Cowboys or the Texans is a slur also then? You guys are ridiculous, give me a break! You just lost a bunch of folks.

    • Marc Roberts says:


      Thanks for writing but, sorry, your analogy doesn’t fly. “Cowboys” or “Texans is NOT a slur, and no one would regard them as such any more than they would regard the team name Giants as a slur of tall people. I’d like to hear more, though, about your perspective. Are you a Redskins fan? Marc

  2. refa says:

    Mike, i guess you’ll never get it. your examples are very telling on how “way off” you are

  3. Craig Hummel says:

    Just another example of political correctness run amok. On top of that, the allegation that the name “Redskins” is a vile slur simply doesn’t pass the smell test. Teams choose their own nicknames… why on earth would they choose a name that weren’t proud of? It’s not like they called themselves the Washington Morons, although that would be somewhat redundant.

    • Nick says:

      I’m not politically correct either, but I think Redskins is definitely over the top.

    • Marc Roberts says:


      Sorry, I strongly disagree. Calling for the end of the use of a vile slur is not political correctness run amok. The issue is not whether Redskins nation is proud of the name. White Supremacists are proud of themselves, too, but would we want to see a team named the Skinheads wearing swastiskas for a team logo? Whatever your heritage, think of sone disgusting slur for it and imagine having a team use it.

  4. refa says:

    Craig, redskins is the equivalent of, for example, if your Mom had a fat ass, the Washington Craigs moms fat asses. Just because Native Americans don’t have an Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to stand up for their cause doesn’t mean it’s not worthy. walk onto a Reservation and call someone a redskin and see what happens

    • refa says:

      Staff, i guess thanks for the edit, however the N-bomb is the equivalent of Redskin. your political correctness in this case i can accept

  5. refa says:

    so Craig, drop the N-bomb in Harlem and let us know how that works out for you

  6. Leo says:

    I agree with Marc. IF the name remains, the logo should be the potato rather Native Americans. Yes, it’s a hot one.

  7. Marc Roberts says:


    How about the Washington Candy Yams?

  8. Marc Roberts says:

    Refa, You succinctly stated what I tried to articulate, but verbosely. Well said. I am not a “politically correct” guy, but like most things in life, there is a time when things cross the line. Racial slurs do jst that, and demean all of us. Thanks for writing.

  9. refa says:

    thanks Marc