5 of Her Body Parts That You Shouldn’t Ignore

5 of Her Body Parts That You Shouldn’t Ignore

You’re a man, which means you are goal-oriented. For that reason, and also because you are busy beyond belief, you tend to focus on your destination, depriving yourself of the full enjoyment of the beautiful scenery along the way.

I am, of course, talking about amoré. It’s time for you to remind yourself that your female partner has other magnificent, delectable areas that cry out for attention and that it is okay for you to enjoy them—even if she is your wife. Not only will you prolong the ecstasy and make her wonder if you’ve been reading books on the subject (refer her to DM40, please), you will feel rejuvenated about your masculinity.

So, next time, make time for some extra time (yes, those words make sense, you just need to read them slower) and pay some serious attention to the following:


womans neckHER NECK
The adjective that best applies here is the word intoxicating. While enjoying the creamy texture of her skin, inhale deeply and relish in her delicious feminine fragrance while you listen to her soft moans. And remember, your destination will still be there despite your lingering.


woman's ThighHER THIGH
While you place your hand on her inner thigh and gently caress her, think about how perfectly smooth and soft she is while the two of you are locked in a lovers’ embrace. You will feel the passion in both of you rise.



womans hipsHER HIPS
When you firmly but gently grasp her by the curve of her hips, you send a subtle signal to your woman that you are in control and intent on pleasing her. She will more readily lose herself in the moment—which means a more passionate and pleasing lover for you.


woman's lower backTHE SMALL OF HER BACK
Maybe it’s because the small of the back is sort of a body crossroads, where the top half meets the bottom, or because her body changes direction so many times in the vicinity, but paying her attention here will never fail to pay the both of you dividends. Trace a finger or two back and forth along the contours of this region and see her respond by beckoning you to explore her further.


woman-calfHER CALVES
Soft yet supple. Firm but curvy. I am not saying you should spend your entire adventure here, but it is a nice place to visit on the way to other areas further north.

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