Who We Are

ANDY TARGOVNIK – Founder, Writer & Editor
Andy, born in 1964 on the day of the Great Alaskan Earthquake, hit his professional and emotional peak in 1982. That was the year he scored 9 points for his high school varsity basketball team in a losing cause, only to be cheered by a festive crowd upon his entrance at the Ground Round. This explains why he has had a semi-annual midlife crisis ever since.
By day, he partakes in the exciting world of executive resume writing. At night, he cringes when Cialis commercials air in the presence of his children (although he still hasn’t figured out how 2 people can get it on in separate bathtubs).
MARC ROBERTS – Founder, Writer & Editor

Marc was born to immigrant parents in a year that puts him on the right side of forty.  Through his dint of hard work and unceasing efforts he has risen to become what he is today: the adult son of immigrant parents.

Marc is incensed at the pervasiveness of gratuitous sex in today’s society — because he seems to be the only one not participating.  He is a frustrated comedian, writer, social critic, political commentator, rock star, professional athlete and playboy.  In short, he is frustrated. Very.

For diversion, he is Big Apple lawyer.  He exists in suburbia where each weeknight he returns not to be greeted by a wife who probably thinks she made a huge mistake, and a son and daughter who live in constant fear that he will talk to their friends or be seen in their company wearing shorts that do not reach his knees.  Only Thundur, his Tibetan Terrier, understands and appreciates him.

SARAH MORGAN – Founder & Writer
Sarah is an unapologetic pop-culture junkie notorious for having one too many Kettle One and sodas before breaking out into song and dance at neighborhood dives.

A petite brunette in her 20s, Sarah is both blessed and cursed with her ability to attract men twice her age. She’s here to make you feel like you still have a shot with 20-something women with commentary on dating, sex and relationships from one of their very own.   Sarah enjoys every minute of her single life as a proud resident of Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

ROY KLEIN – Contributing Writer

Roy is a professional lawyer, an amateur husband, father, grandfather, social/political activist, author, musician, teacher and increasingly mediocre athlete (not necessarily in that order). He is also very kind to his dog. You can find some of Roy’s unpublished writings on his website, which is cleverly titled RoyKlein.com (because MarkTwain.com was already taken).

JARRET KRUSE – Contributing Writer
Jarrett Kruse has performed as a stand-up comic on both coasts and trained with the Second City improv in NYC. While juggling freelance writing assignments, finding time for his family and trying to date women out of his league, Jarrett excels at being a smart ass and is currently lobbying for a second Bar Mitzvah to raise some extra capital. He owns and is developing actionfigurejunkies.com, a website dedicated to his love of superhero toys. Jarrett resides somewhere in the swamps of Jersey.