What Turns on Younger Women about Older Men

What Turns on Younger Women about Older Men
Rumor has it that a lot of you in your 40s and 50s look back and wish to relive 1986.  But just because your hairline may have taken a hit doesn’t mean that you haven’t gained an advantage in other areas through the years. Let me tell you: Older men can be very sexy, especially to a 20something woman that is used to dealing with post-adolescent slobs.
Here are five advantages that you have over men my age; capitalize on them and she might not even notice that you carry a flip phone … in a holster.
The only thing sexier than an attractive young man is an attractive ‘older’ man. Men age gracefully and have an ability to wear their years like badges of honor.  A classic suit and five o’clock shadow is sometimes all it takes to trigger a Clooney-Pitt-Dempsey montage sequence and make a younger woman wonder if you’re good with your hands.
Oh what’s that? No, I had no idea the Rolling Stones released 24 studio albums in the U.S., handsome, tell me more.  Rock stars are the universal sex symbol and pulling out the rock knowledge card is a great way to gain an advantage when talking to a younger woman.  We are unimpressed that 20something losers have the Lil Weezys, Big Seans and Young Jeezys of the world stored in their IPod. But say the words “Led Zeppelin” and you have our undivided attention.  Rock stars are immortal – the ultimate F-you to the notion of aging.
There is nothing less attractive than a man without convictions.  You’ve more or less decided where you stand on most issues while a younger guy is still experimenting with alien subjects like ethnic food and world news.  He talks in circles and constantly contradicts himself, particularly when he talks about his own life because he still hasn’t figured out what he wants to be when he grows up.  You, on the other hand, know exactly how you feel about jerk chicken and the Bush tax cuts.  And that turns us on almost as much as hearing you ruminate over the greatest guitar players of all time.
Dating is not texting: “heyyy u, u around 4 a drink later?” and hoping she’ll pick up a round or two. That’s what Gen X does and is one reason that women choose to stay single longer.  Older men seem to understand that a woman worth having wants to be dated. That means dinner plans made at least 48 hours in advance. It means you pick a great restaurant, lead a dynamic conversation and make sure she gets home okay (whether or not she makes a pit stop at your place).  It also means she doesn’t even have to think about reaching for her wallet because you’ll have asserted your position as a goddamn stallion that knows exactly what he’s doing. That’s the way to get her to sleep with you – uh – see you again.YOU
I find that guys in their 20s  are living the same lives they did in their teens – either with their frat brothers in a dusty walk-up – or worse- under their parents’ roofs in suburbia.  But not you; you either own a home or rent a spacious bachelor pad and know your way around a king sized bed.  A younger woman will seriously appreciate that she can walk into your place without wondering when was the last time you changed your jersey-cotton sheets or if you share a shower with a greasy roommate that you call “Bro.” Would I like to enjoy a glass of red wine on your brown leather couch? Why thank you darling, let me just freshen up in the guest bathroom.(PS – If you find yourself still exhibiting one of the aformentioned 20-something behaviors, you’re the creepy uncle. Good luck finding a woman your own age.)

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