What Men Can Learn From French Women

What Men Can Learn From French Women

When my good friend Kyle returned from a bachelor party in Montreal and declared: “I love French women,” I rolled my eyes, sighed and finally asked him to elaborate. But to my surprise, he didn’t describe them as sophisticated sex deities. Instead, he told me what he learned from them, starting with a story from his first night in a city bar.

“A few of my drunk friends were hitting on this French Canadian bombshell,” said Kyle. He watched as one by one, his buddies struck out. His competitive nature in full gear, Kyle approached the woman. ”She had a tattoo of an eye on the back of her shoulder blade and it seemed as good a conversation starter as any. I walked up and asked her why she chose it.”

She leered at him for a second. “All men say the same thing: ‘it looks like you can see me from behind’,” she scornfully said in an exquisite but annoyed French accent. “What a cheap and silly thing to say,” she added for good measure. The message Kyle received was loud and clear: She was not just some tatted up slut that inked herself to attract men.

So Kyle asked her how men are supposed to approach women who appear ready to shoo them away. She kept it simple: “Treat women like human beings.”

Enlightened, Kyle spent the next two days in Montreal applying what he learned. He initiated conversations with other attractive French ladies. He offered no corny lines or empty grand gestures; instead he made sincere attempts at getting to know them and was rewarded with a weekend filled with their company.

“I was talking to women that were way too hot for me—women that I would have been intimidated by and never approached before. Simply treating these women like human beings instead of unattainable vixens that I wanted to sleep with took the pressure off and allowed me to have a normal conversation.”

At the airport, Kyle spotted a perfect 10 (or so he says) at the gate for his flight home. He asked her why she was headed to the Big Apple and made her laugh a few times while they waited to board. “You’re real curious,” she said in a slightly challenging tone. “Because you seem real interesting,” he responded. As the smile spread across her face, he asked her name. Simone found the empty seat next to Kyle as soon as the captain turned off the seatbelt sign.

The lesson: Most women have heard every pick-up line ever uttered. Sincerity and honesty have a much better chance of getting the lady. And that is true with women of all ages, in every language and in every culture.

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  1. Pseudo says:

    Good article and very, very true. Just a shame I learned this lesson too late to really enjoy it – if I’m caught chatting to a ‘hot’ woman these days I risk losing half my stuff. lol