The Top 10 Sitcoms of All-Time

The Top 10 Sitcoms of All-Time

Today’s sitcoms just don’t measure up to the shows of yesteryear. Too many rely on jokes simply based on sex—whether it be implicitly or explicitly. Moreover, today’s comedies lack multi-dimensional characters. Where are today’s Felix Ungers and Lou Grants? Sadly, they are few and far between.

So here are DM40′s, 10 best sitcoms ever:


all-in-the-family-bestALL IN THE FAMILY
Ironically, people are still fighting about the same things today that Archie and Meathead were at war over 40 years ago. It’s the best sitcom in TV history.




mash bestM*A*S*H
Smartly, they always replaced a departing cast member with someone who was different. That kept the show fresh for its entire 11-year run.





odd-couple bestTHE ODD COUPLE
It was the most underrated comedy, ever. And no, Felix and Oscar weren’t gay. Just ask the Pigeon sisters.





honeymooners-bestTHE HONEYMOONERS
Ah, the good old days before political correctness. Today, Ralph threatening to put Alice on the moon would never fly.





everybody_loves_raymond-bestEVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND
How real were the Barones? We thought of suing the creators and producers for basing the show on our own families.





It  was the first show in sitcom history to employ lead female writers and the first to rely on the “ensemble” format. Perfectly cast and simply hilarious.




wonder-years-bestTHE WONDER YEARS
The Arnold kids were the first sitcom siblings who feared their father when he got home from work. The creators depicted that tumultuous time period to a tee and Daniel Stern’s narration was perfect.




larry_hagman--300x300I DREAM OF JEANNIE
Okay, it wasn’t that “deep”; and you would think that Dr. Bellows catching Major Nelson in the same compromising situations week after week wouldn’t be funny after a while. But it was.




i-love-lucyI LOVE LUCY
Perhaps the most underrated character on I Love Lucy was Ricky Ricardo, himself. He was far from being just a straight man for Lucy; he was hysterical.




We don’t mean to depress you, but the “show about nothing” ended 15 years ago, already. Thank goodness for syndication.

Where did we go wrong? What are your favorite sitcoms? Post them below and tell us your thoughts.

Quiz: There is one actress that was a semi-regular in two of the shows listed above. Who was she and who did she play? Tell us below.

8 Responses to The Top 10 Sitcoms of All-Time

  1. Tom says:

    I Dream of Jeannie was very funny – but the top 10?

  2. Ben says:

    Mork and Mindy,Happy Days,Laverne and Shirley,and many more that I am drawing a blank on.

  3. refa says:

    answer to quiz: is it Georgia Engel? she played Amy’s mom and Ted’s girlfriend or wife or both, i can’t remember.

    • DM40 Staff says:

      Correct Refa! A tidbit: She was only 25 when she played Ted’s girlfriend and then wife, Georgette, on the Mary Tyler Moore Show – about 25 years his junior

  4. frank beverly says:

    You’ve posted “best” sitcom material before. You consistantly ignore The Cosby Show. I wonder why?

  5. Dave says:

    Love the list. Mostly spot on, however I’d have to say that I Dream of Jeannie has to come off. Larry Hagman was brilliant, but the writing as a whole was not that clever.

    Also I think the list needs a least one contemporary show like Big Bang Theory.

  6. Martin says:

    I agree that I Dream of Jeannie doesn’t belong on this list. There are a couple that I have to confess I don’t know, but the rest are appropriate. Two shows that I would have included: Three’s Company (pretty stupid stuff but the late John Ritter was uniquely superb at his brand of physical comedy) and Barney Miller (terrific characterizations and superb writing.)