The Royal Baby Fuss

The Royal Baby Fuss

We here at DM40 were sitting on pins and needles waiting for the “Royal Baby” to be born. Just  kidding. But there was a huge chunk of the public (in this country) who were preoccupied with this story—and frankly, I don’t get it.

So a future King of England was born. Big deal. He’s third in the line of succession behind his grandfather, Prince Charles, 64; and his dad, Prince William, 31. Assuming someone from this Royal Family is not the victim of an awful tragedy, this kid won’t be King until he’s at least 50.

So what the hell does he do until then? He can’t pursue his dreams—whatever they might be. He wants to heal the sick and become a doctor? Sorry. A pro soccer star? Negative. Teach children? Forget it. Nope, none of that.

Instead, when he gets old enough, he might serve in the military in some capacity (there’s nothing wrong with that) and he’ll probably take up some charitable causes. But eventually, his goal in life will be to find a wife who will bare his children to ensure this ever-so-important succession to the throne.

But even a bigger question, perhaps, is when he does finally become King, then what will he do? I mean, what does Queen Elizabeth do all day? It’s not like the Royal Family are real monarchs and rule by edict. They’re simply figureheads who really don’t do much of anything.

I do understand that the English Monarchy is steeped in tradition; and I wish this child nothing but the best. But something doesn’t seem quite right about this whole “Royal Family” setup. And almost as disquieting is the public’s obsession with the birth of this baby who in all likelihood, won’t take the “throne” until he’s close to becoming a senior citizen.

2 Responses to The Royal Baby Fuss

  1. Brett says:

    I think it’s mainly women who care about this.

  2. SkyRat says:

    However, a break from the talking heads about Martin/Zimmerman that doesn’t include the names Kardashian or Bynes is much appreciated.