The JFK Assassination: There Was No “Magic Bullet”

The JFK Assassination: There Was No “Magic Bullet”

JFK murder conspiracy theorists have maintained that had Lee Harvey Oswald been the lone assassin 50 years ago today, that President John F. Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally (seated in front) would have had to been hit by a single bullet that zigzagged many times—a so called “magic bullet.” The bullet would have traveled like this:

magic bullet theory

Because it’s impossible for a bullet to travel like that, there must have been another shooter from somewhere else, right? There is one problem with this theory, though. It assumes that Kennedy and Connally were seated directly behind each other at equal height.

Kennedy, however, was actually seated higher than Connally as well as a bit to the right (from back to front). Why was Kennedy seated in this position? So Connally wouldn’t block Kennedy’s view. So here is how they were actually seated:

As you can see, this so called “magic bullet” wasn’t really magic at all. The bullet traveled in a perfectly straight path and both men’s injuries are consistent with that. Don’t believe me? Watch the first 5 minutes and 30 seconds of the following video clip from the documentary: The Kennedy Assassination—Beyond Conspiracy that ABC aired in 2003. Click here to see it

3 Responses to The JFK Assassination: There Was No “Magic Bullet”

  1. refa says:

    Troy Troy Troy, or shall I call you Ricochet Rabbit? what about his head getting blasted from the other side?

    • Troy Thomas says:

      Refa: I prefer “Grasshopper”. My article was only about the single bullet theory. But even though it looks like the head-shot is coming from the other side, experts say it is actually coming from the back. The better argument for conspiracy is that the 2 bullets that entered JFK acted differently. One went straight through (the single bullet), and the head shot exploded in his head. Also, many say the angle of the head-shot bullet couldn’t have come from the book depository – that it had to come from the ground. A recent book by Australian police officer Colin McLaren says the shooter was actually secret service agent George Hickey – who accidentally fired his rifle from behind the President. There was a documentary on it on REELZ channel.

      • Kent says:

        I believe the ballistics also. It’s hard to believe the secret service was able to keep JFK’s accidental death a secret so long. Turns out the ’87 book that exposed Hickey’s connection wasn’t widely read and apparently the truth wasn’t ‘tragic’ enough to satisfy the public’s need for an assassins bullet.