The Daily 40+ Birthday: Adam West

The Daily 40+ Birthday: Adam West

The original Batman is turning 85 today! Batman, the classic crime show spoof, ran from 1966-1968 in prime time but became more popular in syndication. DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA—BATMAN! (Click here to see the classic intro)

3 Responses to The Daily 40+ Birthday: Adam West

  1. refa says:

    here’s a little known TV fact: Batman was the 1st TV comedy ever not to have a laugh track. That added a tremendous amount of campiness and gave us young watchers the idea that they were serious crime fighters. next time you catch an episode, this fact will jump out at you

    • DM40 Staff says:

      Refa: We didn’t know that. And as youngsters, we thought it was serious but watching it as adults – it’s anything but. It’s the “Airplane” of crime shows; it’s hilarious and ingenious.

  2. refa says:

    indubitably so staff, i love how creative that show is, and now i enjoy it much more as an over 40 guy