The 15 Hottest Female Movie Stars in Their 40s

The 15 Hottest Female Movie Stars in Their 40s

If you get caught mumbling admiration for one of the Jessicas (Simpson or Biel),  there’s a good chance that your significant other will smack you across your head. So it might be wiser to outwardly lust after woman closer to your own age. So today, DM40 shares with you the hottest cinematic actresses in their forties.

A couple of guidelines though:

1. The following beauties are MOVIE stars that have had somewhat substantial cinematic careers. TV actresses are for another day.

2. Our list only includes women in their fifth decade of life (aka 40s). So if you’re wondering where Rene Russo and Michele Pfeiffer are, sorry, they’re over 50. And younger hotties like Angelina Jolie will have to wait a few more years to make it to this particular list.

So without further ado, here we go:



Uma is one voluptuous women. We first noticed her awsomeness in one of her very early roles in the chick flick: Dangerous Liaisons. She really caught on in Pulp Fiction and was the only reason we sat through both Kill Bill movies.



Simply said: Naomi is a really gorgeous true blond. She’s been in some decent flicks like 21 Grams and Eastern Promises. And if she’s good enough for King Kong….



gongli13. GONG LI: AGE 47
Although she didn’t make her American film debut until 2005 in Memoirs of a Geisha (you saw that right?), this lady is smoking hot. She also appeared in films like Miami Vice in 2006 and Hannibal Rising in 2007.


maria-bello-hot-40s12. MARIA BELLO: AGE 46
If you’ve never seen A History of Violence, rent it.  The movie is good and did we mention Maria bares ALL?



diane-lane-hot-40s11. DIANE LANE: AGE 48
If you’ve never seen Unfaithful go rent it but under no circumstances do you let your wife or girlfriend see it. She can act, too (if that matters to you). She was the only redeeming feature in the awful movie, The Perfect Storm.


cameron-diaz-hot-4010. CAMERON DIAZ: AGE 40
Most of us fell in love with her in There’s Something about Mary when she was “cute.” Since then, she has become more and more sensual. If you haven’t seen Vanilla Sky, you’ve got something to do this weekend.


Nicole-kidman-hot-40s9. NICOLE KIDMAN: AGE 46
Nicole turns 46 today and is our Looker of the Day, to boot. She’s one of the best actresses of our time and has never been afraid to go nude in her flicks (Eyes Wide Shut and Billy Bathgate for example). She is coming dangerously close to overdoing it with the plastic surgery, though.


thandie_newton8. THANDIE NEWTON: AGE 40
Thandie has been in a number of films including Crash, The Pursuit of Happyness, and Mission Impossible II. We don’t see any way that she won’t remain a staple in our forties list for years to come.


lucy-liu-hot-40s7. LUCY LIU: AGE 44
Lucy Liuuuuuuu…She made her bones on the TV show, Ally McBeal. But very few, if any of us guys watched that. We men are more likely to know her from Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill. Welcome to the list, Lucy.


catherine-zeta-jones-hot-40s6. CATHERINE ZETA-JONES: AGE 43
Did Michael Douglas, age 68, luck out or what?  He must wake up every morning and pinch himself. Catherine was terrific in Traffic but let’s be honest, very few of us saw her Golden Globe winning performance in Chicago unless our significant others dragged us there kicking and screaming.


rachel-weisz-hot-40s5. RACHEL WEISZ: AGE 43
Why this unpretentious, beautiful, British Oscar winner who burst on the scene in The Mummy has fallen under the public’s radar is beyond us (she didn’t escape notice of Daniel Craig who married her). Just the fact that she pronounces her name “Vice” is a turn-on.


jennifer-aniston-hot-40s4. JENNIFER ANISTON: AGE 44
Okay, so most of her movies have been awful but a multi-million dollar paycheck is a multi-million dollar paycheck. If you want to sit through a couple of her flicks without nodding off, try Along Came Polly and the mainly unknown Friends with Money in which Jen sports a maid’s outfit in a comedic sex scene.


halle-berry-hot-40s3. HALLE BERRY: AGE 46
Her cringe-inducing 2002 Oscar acceptance speech doesn’t change the fact that she’s near perfect. We’re not sure how Hugh Jackman didn’t pass out when Halle was lying on a lounge chair, topless, in Swordfish.


This Mexican goddess has smoldering good looks, an awesome figure, an exotic accent and has atheists acknowledging that there may be a supreme being after all. She even looked awesome with one eyebrow in Frida. Kate Beckinsale’s entry onto this list has pushed her out of the number 1 slot. 


kate-beckinsale-hot-40s1. KATE  BECKINSALE: AGE 40
Okay, so she doesn’t turn 40 until July 26 but we’re nothing if we’re not flexible. She might not only be the hottest movie actress in her forties—she might be the hottest cinematic actress, period.


Okay, men, who did we leave off the list?  Is anyone on this list undeserving?  Let us know your thoughts below!

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