The 10 Worst Wives in TV History

The 10 Worst Wives in TV History

Let’s face it, guys. No matter how sexy, wealthy, or kind-hearted some babes are; they’re just not worth it. So here are the 10 worst TV wives that we wouldn’t shack up with—under any circumstances. Note: We didn’t count anybody on Real Housewives, Jersey Shore or any other garbage reality show that this younger generations loves. (Check out our Best TV Sitcom Wives column)


maude-findlayMAUDE FINDLAY: Maude
A woman’s libber is bad enough, but sounding and acting like a guy is unforgivable.




peg-bundyPEG BUNDY:
Married with Children
She doesn’t cook, clean, work at a real job and rarely puts out. She turns the kids against us, and then pokes fun of our maleness. Sorry Peg but find some other chump to suck the life-blood out of.




julia-macnamaraJULIA McNAMARA: Nip/Tuck
Why would two good-looking, rich, plastic surgeons, who can get any woman they want, be so tortured over a nasal, needy chick, who is only average-looking, at best?




susie-greenSUSIE GREENE: Curb Your Enthusiasm
We’re convinced that her husband, Jeff, only married her because she was carrying his child (Sammi). Is it any wonder that he constantly cheats on her? It’s a miracle that he doesn’t jump off a cliff.  




harriet-olesenHARRIET OLESON: Little House on the Prairie
Her husband, Nells, was the poster boy for beaten-down husbands. She was petty, greedy and mean. No wonder her daughter, Nellie, bullied poor Laura Ingalls so much.




janice-sopranoJANICE SOPRANO: The Sopranos
She’s a self-absorbed, manipulative hippie; and if you piss her off, she’ll shoot you dead or throw you down the stairs—without blinking an eye.




charmaine_buccoCHARMAINE BUCCO: The Sopranos
It’s one thing to be nagged at home. We expect that. But can you imagine being hassled 24 hours a day?





roseanne-connerROSEANNE CONNER: Roseanne
Let us ask you; is there even one reason why you would want to marry her?





Estelle-costanzaESTELLE COSTANZA: Seinfeld
Fellas, if we need to explain this one, you might need to go on a retreat and relocate your mental equilibrium.




lucy-ricardoLUCY RICARDO:
I Love Lucy
Imagine your wife always showing up at your work wanting to be involved. Let’s be honest. She was a royal pain in the butt.

Okay, who did we miss? Let us know below.