The 10 Hottest Female Cable News Anchors

The 10 Hottest Female Cable News Anchors

The advent of cable news has not only given us many different types of news shows to choose from, but it also gives us the power to select who will  tell us that news. While our parents and grandparents were stuck with Walter Cronkite and guys like that, we get some hot-looking ladies to choose from. So here are the 10 hottest female cable anchors. We also tell you where and when you can find them.

MARTHA MACCALLUM, Fox News, America’s Newsroom, Weekdays 9AM


ERIN BURNETT, CNN, Outfront, Weeknights 7 & 11PM
Erin Burnett - CNN
Erin Burnett OutFront Hot


MARIA BARTIROMO, CNBC, Closing Bell, Weekdays 3PM
Maria Bartiromo CNBCMaria Bartiromo Closing Bell Hot


PATTI ANN BROWNE, Fox News, Fox & Friends First, Weekdays 5AM
Patti Ann Browne FOX NewsPatti Anne Browne Fox and Friends First Hot


BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN, CNN Newsroom, Weekdays 2PM
Brooke Baldwin CNNBrooke Baldwin CNN Newsroom Hot


JENNA LEE, Fox News, Happening Now, Weekdays 11AM
Jenna Lee Fox NewsJenna Lee Happening Now Hot


ARTHELLE NEVILLE, Fox News, America’s News Headquarters, Saturdays, 6PM
Arthelle Neville FOX NewsArthelle Neville America's News Headquarters


MELISSA LEE, CNBC, Fast Money, Weekdays 5PM
Melissa Lee CNBCMelissa Lee Fast Money Hot


AINSLEY EARHARDT, Fox News, FOX & Friends First, Weekdays 5AM
Ainsley Earhardt FOX NewsAinsley Earhardt Fox and Friends First Hot Legs

MEGYN KELLY, Fox News, America Live, Weekdays 1PM
Megyn-Kelly-Black-Dress-FOXMegyn Kelly America Live Hot


3 Responses to The 10 Hottest Female Cable News Anchors

  1. Jimmy says:

    You totally missed Robin Meade from HLN! Number 1

  2. a p garcia says:

    What about former Miss America Gretchen Carlson at FNC.