Red Sox Are a Bunch of Hypocrites When It Comes to A-Rod

Red Sox Are a Bunch of Hypocrites When It Comes to A-Rod

Numerous members of the Boston Red Sox had a lot to say about Alex Rodriguez this past weekend. The rhetoric got so heated that it even incited Ryan Dempster to bean A-Rod. The outrage is quite selective.

First, the Red Sox players would have you believe that A-Rod is the only player that has ever used steroids. They conveniently forget that there were over 100 failed steroid tests in 2003—Rodriguez’s name was leaked from that list of 100. But even worse, in MLB’s recent Biogenesis investigation that was the impetus for A-Rod’s 211-game suspension, only 2 of the 14 players who were suspended actually failed a drug test. This tells anyone with a sense of deductive reasoning that plenty of players are still taking PEDs. So the players who are screaming the loudest are all clean, right?

Red Sox’ players John Lackey and Jonny Gomes started the weekend by voicing disgust that A-Rod was allowed to play while he was appealing his suspension. One thing though: The MLB Players Association agreed to the terms that a player can play during the appeal process. So should I assume that when the next collective bargaining agreement comes up for renewal, that Lackey and Gomes will lead the charge and insist that the players forfeit that right?

Finally, you have David Ortiz, perhaps the biggest hypocrite of all, who had this to say about Rodriguez:

“Anybody can make a mistake, but you apologize and go forward. But once you come back to the same subject again, you start pissing people off. That’s what you’re seeing in the players’ reactions—they’re pissed off.”

Everybody got that? Except in 2009, Ortiz’s name was also leaked from the same 2003 list as A-Rod (nobody ever mentions this for some reason). So I assume Dempster beaned Ortiz in practice, right?

And it’s not only the Red Sox. Many players across baseball have had something to say about Rodriguez. But it’s enough already. These holier-than-thou players are actually making A-Rod into a sympathetic figure—something that I thought was impossible to do. Besides, you know what they say about those who live in glass houses.

3 Responses to Red Sox Are a Bunch of Hypocrites When It Comes to A-Rod

  1. Rick says:

    Trust me – nobody is sympathizing with A-Roid; especially his own teammates, some of whom he threw under the bus. A-Roid is dispised more than ever because he allegedly turned over names of PED users to MLB to serve his own interests. Now he’s suing his own team. The Yankees got what they deserve when they re-signed him after the 2007 season after A-Roid opted out of his contract. The Yankees outbid themselves on the contract offer and in doing so, got The Texas Rangers off the financial hook (they were paying a portion of A-Roid’s salary from 2004 – 2007)

    • Andy says:

      Agree with what you say but A-Rod is digging his own grave. He doesn’t need a nudge–especially from other players who I would like to give some truth serum to.

  2. Roy says:

    I just don’t understand how he can continue to play while his suspension is under appeal. When someone is convicted in a court of law, they go to prison and begin serving their sentence while their appeals are heard…But I guess because he is A-Rod and plays for the Yankees, he gets special treatment. I hope his appeal is denied…I hope he never plays another day of baseball..and I hope he gets the same treatment by the Hall of Fame that Pete Rose has gotten over the years…All he did was bet on some games…NEVER did he EVER use any kind of doping agents to make him a better player…He did not need it…A-Rod, pack your bags and go home…You are DONE…