Michael Jordan’s All-Time Team vs. Mine

Michael Jordan’s All-Time Team vs. Mine

In a recent interview, NBA Hall of Famer and Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan, chose four teammates to play with that he said would make an “unbeatable” team. Below we compare his team to mine, and why Michael’s squad would have no chance in a head-to-head matchup.



magic johnson

Guard: Magic Johnson

michael jordan

Guard: Michael Jordan


Center: Hakeem Olajuwon

james worthy

Forward: James Worthy


Forward: Scottie Pippen



oscar robertson

Guard: Oscar Robertson


Guard: Jerry West


Center: Wilt Chamberlain

larry bird

Forward: Larry Bird


Forward: LeBron James

Here’s why my team is better:

1. James Worthy and Scottie Pippen don’t belong in this game. Were they great players? Yes. But they’re not close to top 10 caliber.

2. Michael’s team doesn’t have enough outside shooting. They don’t have the personnel to consistently drain 3-pointers while I have ample sharp-shooters like Jerry West, Larry Bird and LeBron James.

3. Michael is the only one on his team who could even play on my team. If you want to replace Oscar Robertson with Magic, I might buy it as long as you keep in mind that “The Big O” is the only player in NBA history to average a triple-double for a season. But a front line of Pippen, Worthy and Hakeem vs. Bird, LeBron and Wilt? Sorry, no contest.

4. The only chance Michael’s team would have is if Michael won the game all by himself—something we saw him do over and over during his career. Heck, the guy never played bad in a big game. But overall, his team just doesn’t have the talent that my team has.

As great a player as Michael Jordan was, his all-time team selections show us why he has been a poor NBA executive. For whatever reason, he just doesn’t have a great eye for personnel.

Do you think Michael’s team can beat Troy’s? Is there anyone that you think belongs in this game that isn’t listed here? Let us know below.

2 Responses to Michael Jordan’s All-Time Team vs. Mine

  1. Art Aldrich says:

    I am continually amazed at the “all star” teams that are “assembled” by the “experts” who seem to know not a whit about basketball history. ELGIN BAYLOR personally “invented” a new style of basketball in the second half of the 1950s. Ten years before Baylor the two handed set shot was a standard. Elgin’s acrobatic athletic ability and superb coordination created a new model for future basketball aspirants. His NBA statistics for a 14 year career are remarkable: 27.4 points and 13.5 rebounds a game. How many of the so-called superstars will match that? Very few. Then there is Bill Russell, the greatest team leader in sports history. Don’t ever have to go into his statistics because there is no possibility that they could ever be surpassed.

    • Troy Thomas says:

      Art: Could have easily put Russell on my team instead of Wilt or even Bird. I went for more outside shooting with Bird. But Worthy and Pippen? Jordan is lost. …Troy