Five Great Christmas Movies for Men

Five Great Christmas Movies for Men

Since Christmas season starts the day after Thanksgiving, this column is sort of late. If you’re looking for sappy Christmas flicks (in other wordsmovies for women), you’ve come to the wrong place. Here are five classics that guys love. Ladies are welcome to serve us chestnuts roasted on an open fire while we watch.


bad santaBAD SANTA
Who makes the best Santa Clause? How about a liquored-up, incorrigible thief who hates kids? But hey, Billy Bob Thornton is still lovable, even as he pees in his Santa suit while indulging his little bratty visitors. If you don’t laugh outloud at this movie, get your funny bone checked out.




Who is the funniest comedy duo in history? Lucy and Ethel? Felix and Oscar? Nah. Our vote goes to Clark Griswold and his cousin-in-law, Eddie. And whose family hasn’t driven them to the point where they want to take a chainsaw to the furniture?




die hard 2DIE HARD 2
The original Die Hard was good, too, but because it took place in Los Angeles, it had more of a July 4th feel. Die Hard 2, which takes place at Washington D.C.’s Dulles Airport, really gives us that wintry feeling as airplanes crash into snowy runways. Now that’s Christmas!




the-reTHE REF
If the marriage between Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis is a mirror of your own, don’t even waste time going to counseling. Just throw her out on her butt.




home aloneHOME ALONE
Come on, you can admit it, this movie was funny. It also enforces a theme that we sort of already knew: Our creepy neighbors are really cool. It’s our relatives who are the horrible people.

What are your favorite Xmas films? Tell us below.

2 Responses to Five Great Christmas Movies for Men

  1. Pat Carlson says:

    How could you not have lethal weapon 1 on this list?

    • DM40 Staff says:

      Pat: While part of Lethal Weapon took place on XMAS, we didn’t really consider it a XMAS movie. But we can see why you might so in that case, yes – it could have easily been on this list.