Battle of the Super Models: Tyra Banks vs. Naomi Campbell

Battle of the Super Models: Tyra Banks vs. Naomi Campbell

Okay, Mr. Connoisseur-of-Exotic-Women. Today is your lucky day. We’re going to give you a choice. You can choose only one of the sexiest supermodels of our time—Tyra Banks or Naomi Campbell to wine, dine and romance. Here’s our scorecard: 


tyra faceTHE FACE: Sorry, Naomi fans, but Tyra triumphs here. Her features are so soft and enticing, they would make you putty in her hands. Naomi’s face is of different type. She is beautiful, but hers is a “don’t mess with me” face compared to Tyra’s “come hither” look.




tya eyes 2THE EYES: Again, no contest. Naomi’s eyes are nothing extraordinary, but Tyra’s are mesmerizing. With them, she can see into the depth of your soul and the naughty fantasies that you harbor about her.




tyra-banks-bodyTHE BODY: Tyra has a better bod. She is a trifle taller (5’10″) than Naomi. She sports a C cup while Naomi “only” wears a B; but don’t worry, C is still manageable for us little guys. Tyra’s waist is penultimate perfection at 24 inches. And for those of us who like a little booty but not too much, she is a 36 whereas Naomi is a 34. So while Tyra is a slightly bigger girl, she is just the perfect size for you to imitate a bronco rider holding on for dear life.


tyra eyesTHE INTANGIBLES: Naomi has more baggage than we can handle; there have been close to a dozen reported incidents of violence, including abuse directed towards workers, a police officer, her housekeeper and hubby. In contrast, Tyra’s only real drawback is that she has kept the company of Paris Hilton. We’d rather put up with the ditzy friend than run the risk of getting walloped.


tyra winnerTHE WINNER:
 If you haven’t figured it out yet, we suggest spending your money on Tyra. And to spare Naomi’s feelings, just use that great excuse that we guys love when giving a woman the heave-ho: Tell her that it wasn’t her—it was you


6 Responses to Battle of the Super Models: Tyra Banks vs. Naomi Campbell

  1. ms tyra hands dwn says:

    tyra by any margen just all over the best lady of the two

  2. Ben Wallace says:

    I do not care for either of these skanks.Tyra is preety but she sucks.

  3. Marc Roberts says:

    Ben, we sure hope Tyra does.

  4. refa says:

    it all depends what you like more, full lips, or full cans. take your pick, and fellas, it looks like some of us have gotten lazy with our spelling.

  5. Eddie says:

    Since neither would probably look twice at you, Mark, you’re rather crude comparisons carry very little weight. I note that you don’t post a pic of yourself while criticizing these two beautiful women, and something tells me we should thank you for that.

  6. Marc Roberts says:

    Eddie, thank you for the compliment! I mean about being crude. Do you seriously think I was criticizing these two women? Well,maybe Naomi. Try working for her for awhile and see what you think. Anyway, they are both beautiful, and I appreciate their beauty.