A Sugar Daddy Fishing Hole for Students, Actresses, Models and Girls Next Door

A Sugar Daddy Fishing Hole for Students, Actresses, Models and Girls Next Door

Gone are the days where being blunt about what you have to “offer” a woman for her “companionship” was a luxury reserved for Japanese businessmen. Dating website SeekingArrangement.com believes that we all—and by all, I mean wealthy older men and beautiful young women—deserve to experience what was the norm for the bourgeoisie who came before us.

A history lesson from the online leader in Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby dating: In the past, Kings, Shahs and Emperors have had multiple lovers or concubines. In many cultures, liaisons between the wealthy and the beautiful were even considered an art form. The French had courtesans. The Japanese had geishas. And in today’s society, we now have sugar babies.

Let me decode that for you. There is an online community where you can find a gorgeous woman half your age that will let your friends believe she is sleeping with you in exchange for luxuries such as fine dining, exotic travel and lavish gifts. Heck, she may even let you sneak a peak and cop a feel before slapping your wrist, smiling coyly and retreating back to her suite in that Agent Provocateur teddy and silk robe you just bought her.

Can’t afford four-figure lingerie? You’ll just have to narrow your selection of Babies, which shouldn’t be hard since many disclose that they are looking for a mere $1,000 – $3,000 per month for their troubles.

The site claims that it’s natural for older men to covet the likes of bright-eyed college coeds and that the reverse is true—pretty young things with big dreams, yearn for a suitor with deep pockets, hoping to realize a princess fantasy that only the most confident and ambitious of them will actually achieve. So as much as I’d like to write this off as a dog and pony show for the pipe dreams [pun intended] of the insecure, who am I to judge?

Is Seeking Arrangement onto something? Are they telling it like it is or is this just a cheap attempt by a dot com to capitalize on misogyny and the long-standing mantra that “sex sells?” If you are (or were) bold enough to test the Seeking Arrangement waters, let us know below—just don’t use your real name!

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