A Lady We Love: A Pictorial History of Nicole Kidman

A Lady We Love: A Pictorial History of Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is one of those women that men over 40 love (and plenty of guys under 40, too, we’re sure). She’s one of the best actresses of our time—she can play different types of women (with different types of accents!). She is also beautiful to boot, no matter what hairstyle she sports. And while we at DM40 are not big fans of women who constantly bare all on screen; Nicole has carried that off in quite the classy way, showing just enough to remain very desirable. So here is a brief pictorial history of her followed by our five favorite Nicole films.


nicole-dead-calmIn Dead Calm, 1990. Check out her different hairstyle and look.


Billy-Bathgate-nicole_kidman_l In Billy Bathgate, 1991. The movie was terrible, but…


niocole-kidman-batman-foreverIn Batman Forever, 1995.


Nicole-Kidman-plays-Alice-Harford-in-Warner-Bros-drama-movie-Eyes-Wide-Shut-1999-39In Eyes Wide Shut, 1999.


Kidman Others In The Others, 1999. This was the best performance of her career.



Nicole-kdman-in-Birthday-GirlAs a sensual Russian mail order bride in Birthday Girl, 2001.


Moulin-Rouge-nicole-kidman-2001-Ewan-McGregorLooking hot as a red head in Moulin Rouge, 2001 (with Ewan McGregor).


Nicole-Kidman-in-Cold-Mountain-In Cold Mountain, 2003. Cute hat!


kidman_stainPlaying a blue collar, semi-literate woman in The Human Stain, 2003.



Birth-nicole-kidmanIn Birth, 2004. She even looks good with a boy haircut.


Nicole Kidman InterpreterLooking studious in The Interpreter, 2005.


nicole-kidman-british-gqFrom the December 2009 edition of GQ (Britain). 


vogue-italiaPosing for Vogue Italia, 2010.


keith-urban-nicole-kidman-emmys-2012With husband, Keith Urban at the 2012 Emmy Awards. Urban deserves props for not feeling threatened by having a taller wife.


nicole-kidman-2013arriving-at-cannesAt the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. Nicole still looks great. But we hope she stops getting plastic surgery. A couple of more procedures and she might turn into Meg Ryan.


The Others

Eyes Wide Shut

Birthday Girl

The Human Stain

Dead Calm

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  1. Pseudo says:

    all thought she was a great actress and as sexy as hell – provided she does indeed stop messing with the surgery