44 Years Later We Remember Apollo 11: 10 Awesome Photos

44 Years Later We Remember Apollo 11: 10 Awesome Photos

It will be 44 years ago tomorrow that Neil Armstrong took that step for “all mankind.” Considering¬†that President Kennedy articulated his goal of us landing on the Moon in 1961, and that the space program was in its infancy at the time, it was beyond an amazing feat that we accomplished it in a little over eight years time. The fact that we achieved this when The Vietnam War and social unrest was tearing our nation apart, makes it all the more satisfying; we were able to put our differences aside and get behind this one common goal. And while some of us were too young to remember it, or perhaps, not even born yet, the achievement is still awe-inspiring, even this many years later.¬†So here are 10 breathtaking photos of that trip, some of which we’re sure you haven’t seen.


apollo 11 launch American Flag in Background

Liftoff! Just incredible.


A look at the Lunar Module (a/k/a LEM or LM) named “Eagle” after separation from the Command Module (a/k/a CM) named “Columbia.”

Eagle Decent

A view of the Moon from the LEM as it was descending.


Earth rises above the Moon on July 20, 1969.

apollo_11_flag-16mm movie

A shot of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong planting the flag on the lunar surface. The photo was taken by a 16mm movie camera.


On July 21 1969, “Eagle” makes its ascent from the Moon to reunite with Mike Collins in the Command Module. You can see Earth in the distance.

Apollo 11 Splashdown Parachutes

The CM with parachutes deployed just before it landed in the Pacific Ocean on July 24, 1969. The LEM was jetisoned into space prior to reentry into Earth’s athmosphere.

apollo 11recovery

The Apollo 11 Command Module being recovered by the U.S.S. Hornet. Now there’s a spaceship that looks like it has been through a lot.


Mission Control in Houston celebrates the successful mission.

Plaque was left on the Moon

This plaque was left on the Moon. Although we badly wanted to beat The Soviet Union to the Moon, we also wanted it known that this was a peaceful mission.

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  1. Frank says:

    Remember this when I was a kid. Brings back some great memories. Thanks for the pictures