10 Things That Baffle Me About Baseball Today

10 Things That Baffle Me About Baseball Today

try to accept progress and not long for the good old days, too much. However, the game of baseball is so steeped in tradition, that I don’t like it when things are done away with for no good reason. I also get irked with some of the new trends of players, announcers and fans, today. So here are 10 things that I would like answers to:


helmet-day-retroWhatever happened to Batting Helmet Day?
It seems they have every type of giveaway at the ballpark these days including things like nose hair clippers and soup ladles. But for some mysterious reason, they stopped giving away replica helmets.



point-to-the-skyWhy do players feel the need to point to the sky after every move they make?
Are you telling me that all these players believe that someone in heaven is actually watching them play? In the 1970s or 1980s was there anybody who did this?


flip-down-glasses-retroWhy did players switch from flip-down glasses to wearing shades all the time?
When those shadows start moving in during late afternoon hours, it would seem to me that one wouldn’t want to be sporting shades while batting against a 95 MPH flamethrower. Why not keep both options open and wear the flip-downs?


batting-helmet-bullpen-carWhatever happened to the cars that drove relievers in from the bullpen?

I always thought it was dramatic when Yankees’ reliever, Sparky Lyle exited the Datsun and tossed his jacket in the back seat. Most teams simply used golf carts with the team cap on top. You can’t tell me the banning of cars is a “green” policy—how much gas can a golf cart use for 1/16th of a mile?



imagesCAWJJTX1Why do teams wear their DARK jerseys during hot, day games?
I understand the need for alternate jerseys—clubs need to make every dollar they can. But why do teams wear black on scorching, sunny, 95-degree days? As little kids, we all learned that dark colors absorb heat, while white reflects it.


infield-practiceWhy did teams stop taking infield practice?
When I was a kid, I used to get to the park early and take in batting practice, infield practice and a doubleheader. I really got my money’s worth. Okay, I get that doubleheaders are gone forever but why halt infield practice?



nolan-seaver-jacketWhy don’t NL pitchers put on their jackets on the basepaths, anymore?
Back in the day, as soon as a hitting pitcher got on base, the bat boy would run out and give him a jacket to put on. Now, that is rarely, if ever done. There might be a good explanation as to why it stopped but I’ve never heard it.



walk-off-winWhy do players today jump around like lunatics after a walk-off regular season win?
Nowadays, players get more excited after a regular season win than the players of yesteryear did after they won the pennant. Whatever happened to acting like you’ve won a game before?



INSIDECAGEWhy do fans need “amenities” at a game?
How about this for a suggestion? Stay in your seat for 3 hours and watch the damned game. I mean, why does one come to a Major League baseball game and waste time in indoor batting cages, museums, and Build-A-Bear booths…during the game?

rbi-rbisWhen did the term “RBIs” become “RBI?”
Because the term RBI means runs batted in, I can theoretically understand why announcers feel they have to say a player has: “4 RBI.” There is one problem, though: It sounds moronic. If they really wanted to be consistent, they should say: “RsBI.” So I wish they would just cut the cuteness and say: “RBIs”—like they always have.


Okay, does anyone know any of these answers or have other stuff they don’t get about baseball, today? Tell us below.

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  1. Sly says:

    Those bullpen cars were cool.