10 Things I Just Don’t Understand

10 Things I Just Don’t Understand

There are many things that I’ve wondered about for a good portion of my life. Don’t get me wrong; I haven’t yet lost sleep over these deep mysteries, but it would be nice if I could find out the answers to at least some of these 10 conundrums before I depart this earth. Here they are:


rear defroster1. Why do rear defrosters in cars automatically shut off? It’s not like the rear window doesn’t fog up again.




paper weight2. What is the point of paper weights? We have all received them as gifts from our kids, but who has wind in their office or house?




white underwear3. Why are white underwear briefs by far the most commonplace? Wouldn’t a much darker shade like black or navy blue make more sense?




library4. Why do book sales do so well? There is a place where you can get the same books for free (and e-books, too). It’s called a library. You would borrow a car for free instead of paying for it, right? So why are books different?



kiss on cheek5. Why do we not kiss acquaintances of the opposite sex when we see them on an everyday basis; but we do at social events?




letter6. When we get business checks in the mail that are attached to a letter, why is the fold of the letter just above the perforated tear of the check? This often causes the check to rip when we try to detach it from the letter. We have the ingenuity to manufacture something as complex as an iPhone, but we can’t figure how to get a letter to fold on a perforation?


mailman smiling7. Every mailman or woman who has ever delivered mail to my house has been the nicest person in the world. So why have so many postal workers gone “postal?”




bill-laimbeer8. Why do men coach women’s sports teams, but women don’t coach men’s teams?




sunglasses9. Why do they put tags and stickers all over sunglasses that make it close to impossible to see how we look in them when we try them on?




man urinal10. Why do we sometimes get the “piss shiver” but not all the time?

If anybody knows any of these answers, please tell me and the rest of our readers below in the comments section.

4 Responses to 10 Things I Just Don’t Understand

  1. refa says:

    the white briefs question is an easy one, it’s so you know which way to put them on. yellow goes in the front and brown goes in the back

  2. carbonware says:

    7 was a lame effort try harder, we had like two maybe three postal workers go postal, in the last 30 years of what hundreds of thousands. Seems like they are far under the average.

    • Troy Thomas says:

      Carbon: Great point. Like I said, all postal workers I have ever known are great people. I guess the better question would have been, why do we even have the term: “Go Postal” in our vernacular? We shouldn’t.

  3. carbonware says:

    4 Really, like no one buys cars? No one wants to drive other people’s cars we like our space we personalize them we want to own them. Just like books we want to hold them feel them, we have tactile relationships as the contents weave into our life’s story.

    People love books and love to share them, they take pride in having read, and understood them while others buy them for pretense.

    People are not all alike, people who like libraries are not of the same breed as people who want to own books. I do both, and plenty of the people I see in libraries scare me to death.

    Libraries are great for kids, it’s not like I’m going to let a kid learn about property ownership and responsibility by loaning them my car first. First, lets see if they can keep track of a library card and a loaner book for a few weeks before I decide if I should let them borrow my car.