10 of the Hottest Female Athletes

10 of the Hottest Female Athletes

If you told us that Billy Jean King was playing Martina Navratilova on television, we would find something more exciting to watch, like C-SPAN, for instance. But tell us there’s a Chris Evert-Anna Kournikova match on, then, we’re there.

A few things about our selections: 1) Our definition of “sports” has been expanded—a lot—for this article. 2) This is not an all-inclusive list; we will have other installments. 3) We have selected only one athlete per sport. 4) Sorry Kournikova and Summer Sanders fans; only present competitors were considered. So here are 10 of the hottest women athletes from a variety of sports.


Maria-Sharapova-Hot AthleteMARIA SHARAPOVA: TENNIS
We know beauty is a subjective thing, but if you don’t like Maria, we’re slightly worried about you. She even looks good when she’s sweaty and not wearing makeup.




natalie-gulbis-hot-athleteNATALIE GULBIS: GOLF
The USGA prohibited the sale of this Latvian’s racy calendar at the US Women’s Open, because it was “inappropriate.” Are you logging onto eBay now, or waiting until later?


swin-cash-hot-athleteSWIN CASH: BASKETBALL
We have no doubt that this sexy 6’1″ Chicago Sky power forward would kick any of our butts in a one-on-one. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could play her and find out for sure?




alex-morgan-hot-athleteALEX MORGAN: SOCCER

In addition to being a great soccer player, Alex has had a number of modeling assignments including the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and ESPN The Magazine.





jeanette-lee-hot-athleteJEANETTE LEE: POOL
We can think of worse ways to spend an hour than by watching this ESPN staple dressed in leather, chalk up her hands, grab that cue stick, bend over the pool table and work her magic.





danica-patrick-hot-athleteDANICA PATRICK: AUTO RACING
We never considered a racing jump suit sexy attire until we saw Danica wear one. And she didn’t look half bad in that black leather thong that she sported in FHM Magazine, either.





tina-maze-hot-athleteTINA MAZE: SKIING
Tina is a World Cup Alpine Ski Racer from Slovenia. This 30-year-old is romantically involved with her coach who is 16 years older than her. Another victory for us old guys!





michelle-waterson-hot-athleteMICHELLE WATERSON: MIXED MARTIAL ARTS
Waterson is known as the “Karate Hottie.” And let’s be honest. Most of us men like to see two women kick the crap out of each other.





natalie-couglin-hot-athleteNATALIE COUGHLIN: SWIMMING
If you’re selected to pose in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue which Natalie was in 2012, there’s a reason. This 30-year-old can also dance; she appeared on Dancing with the Stars.





This Finnish figure skater is widely regarded as the hottest woman in figure skating due to her resemblance to the former Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly.

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