10 Male Republican Celebrities

10 Male Republican Celebrities

Watching Clint Eastwood talk to the empty chair at the Republican Convention last year reminded us that there are actually some Republican celebrities in Hollywood. Here are 10 male ones who aren’t afraid to admit it:


He has supported George W. Bush, endorsed Rudy Giulani for president in 2008 and worked the floor at the 2008 Republican Convention.




jeff-foxworthyJEFF FOXWORTHY
Foxworthy endorsed Mitt Romney for president. He said: “I avoided politics for 53 years of my life. I never wanted to be political…but it got to the point that this is too important.”




james woodsJAMES WOODS
Woods was a supporter of George W. Bush and former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani. More recently, he called President Obama “a true abomination.”




dean-cainDEAN CAIN
He endorsed the John McCain-Sarah Palin ticket in 2008 although he is pro-choice and a gay marriage supporter.




jon voightJON VOIGHT
An unabashed conservative, Voight had a prominent presence at last year’s GOP National Convention—something that likely added more tension between him and his daughter, Angelina Jolie.



gary-siniseGARY SINISE
Sinise doesn’t hide the fact that he is Republican. He narrates the online virtual tour for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and spoke at the centennial celebration of Reagan’s birth at the library in 2011.




kelsey-grammarKELSEY GRAMMER
Grammer was a guest at George W. Bush’s first inauguration. He has endorsed Rudy Giulani, John McCain and Michele Bachmann for president.




adam-sandlerADAM SANDLER
Sandler was an attendee at last year’s Republican Convention. He also donated $2100 to Rudy Giuliani’s campaign for president in 2008.




gene-simmonsGENE SIMMONS
He endorsed Mitt Romney for president, stating that: “America should be in business and it should be run by a businessman.”




chuck-norrisCHUCK NORRIS
Norris has donated over $32,000 to Republican candidates over the years and is a big gun rights advocate.

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