10 Female Republican Celebrities

10 Female Republican Celebrities

Believe it or not, there are not only Republican entertainers in Hollywood but some of them are actually women. Sure, there are some obvious conservatives in Tinseltown like Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Marie Osmond; but below are 10 female celebs who support the GOP that might just surprise you. (There are actually enough of these ladies that we might have a second installment in the future.)


julie-bowenJULIE BOWEN
This Modern Family star comes from a long line of Republicans and has donated money to local Republican candidates.




jessica simpsonJESSICA SIMPSON
Jessica’s dad said this about her feelings for President George W. Bush: “Jessica loves the heck out of him.” Do you think Tony Romo became jealous?




laura-preponLAURA PREPON
That 70′s Show star Laura Prepon was a supporter of George W. Bush for President. She is also a gun enthusiast.



cindy crawfordCINDY CRAWFORD
This former supermodel not only endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012 but appeared in an internal Romney campaign training video. Obviously, it wasn’t very effective.


You wouldn’t expect a woman who has posed nude numerous times for Playboy to be a Republican. But Shannen is.



sarah-michelle-gellarSARAH MICHELLE GELLAR
Just like her husband, Freddie Prinze Jr., Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a Republican (to go along with those 5 tattoos).



angie-harmonANGIE HARMON
There is actually a celeb who would defend a Palin—albeit Bristol. “I think one of the greatest things about the Republican Party is…the understanding, we don’t point fingers and we have class.” Wow.



stacey-dashSTACEY DASH

After announcing her support for Mitt Romney, Dash became the target of hateful and racist Twitter attacks. She is a big supporter of school vouchers. Says Dash: “The school system has become a part of this huge government machine, governed by people who aren’t close to the situation. That’s why I’m a Republican. I believe in small government. ”


jaclyn smithJACLYN SMITH
Angel Kelly Garrett, is conservative, pro-life and traditional marriage. She also supported George W. Bush for president.




Lilo voted for Mitt Romney in 2012. If we were the Republicans, we wouldn’t advertise this fact.


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